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Pokemon Silver – A Nostalgic Journey – Part 2

Quick disclaimer! From this point of the story I’m going to assume that you’re following from the beginning, so if you haven’t already please read from Part 1. And let me know if you’re enjoying the series by leaving a comment below 🙂



I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom. There’s a large window sill that’s wide enough for me to sit on, I’m surrounded by all of my stuffed animals and I can look down and watch the cars as they drive through the main street of my town. I bring my gaze back to my hands and flip open my Game Boy, I’m excited as it switches on. Ever since I woke up that morning I couldn’t wait to continue my journey to Violet City. I had been helping my parents in the morning, and even though they didn’t like me spending too much time looking at a screen, I had now earned my well deserved play time.


As I walk on to Route 29, I’m stopped by a guy who’s seen me pass him a couple of times. I say yes to his demo and he shows me how to catch a Pokemon. Somehow I actually know how to do this already, its easy. His demo is so slow! I repeatedly press the A button to try and make it go faster, but no use. When its over, I keep walking and I encounter some wild Pokemon in the grass. I have 5 Pokeballs now, so I catch a Pidgey and a Weedle (I’ll just keep the Pidgey). I walk into Cherrygrove City and an old man stops me…he asks me if I’m a rookie and takes me on a tour of the town. He then gives me a Map Card…nice! I open the Pokegear and have a quick look at the map, it looks cool. I can’t wait to get to those far away towns! I then go to the Pokemon Centre to heal my Pokemon, I put Weedle in the PC and head to the Pokemart next door. I buy a couple of Pokeballs, a couple of Potions, a Parlyz Heal and an Antidote just in case.


Before I leave the town I talk to everyone, I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’ve also battled wild Pokemon so my Cyndaquil is at level 7 and my Pidgey is at level 6. I walk north to Route 30, pass the Berry house again and continue to walk on the left side of the route. I reach two trainers that were battling before but now they are separated. I can pass through. The first trainer stops me and starts a battle, his name is Youngster Joey and I easily defeat his Rattata with Cyndaquil. When the battle is over he asks me for my phone number, I say yes and it registers in my Pokegear. The second trainer is Youngster Mikey, I defeat him too. I continue along the route battling a few more trainers, Bug Catchers Don and Wade. Wade also gives me his phone number. I also pass a cave and go inside, but it’s pitch black! I walk a few steps but I can’t see anything, so I leave again. I’m now on Route 31, and I’m walking by a small lake and a guy standing by a tree…I speak to him and he falls asleep! I pick a Bitter Berry from the tree and keep walking. I can see a building already, and as I walk through it I realise I’ve reached Violet City. The Pokemon Centre is the first building I see, I go straight in and heal my Pokemon.


I explore Violet City. The houses, the school and I meet a guy called Earl who gives me a good giggle when he walks and twists his way to showing me the school. I first meet him outside the gym and he talks weird. One of the houses I enter next offers me a trade…wow a Bellsprout for his Onix?! Yeah I’d love an Onix! I go back to Route 31 and search until I find a wild Bellsprout. I catch one and bring it back to the boy in the house. We trade, and I now have his Onix. But his name is Rocky…I don’t really like it. Does he have to be called Rocky? I’d prefer him to be just Onix…


I head up to the north east of the town and reach a tall building called Sprout Tower. There are statues of Bellsprouts just inside the door and…is that a pillar moving?! The elderly lady tells me that it was a Bellsprout that stood at 100 feet tall, and it became the centre pillar…wow. I go upstairs and fight my way through the trainers…they all have Bellsprout! Up and up I go, defeating every trainer. Cyndaquil is earning easy experience. When I reach the top floor, there’s a couple of trainers with Hoothoots too, and just before I pass the moving pillar I see some familiar red hair…my rival Gary. He’s talking to the final trainer at the end of the room, he then speaks to me and then disappears using an Escape Rope. I firstly walk to my right and pick up an item, my own Escape Rope. I go to battle the final trainer: Sage Li. I defeat both of his level 7 Bellsprout, and his level 10 Hoothoot. He gives me a HM called Flash, but I cannot use it until I get the gym badge from the Violet City gym…


My Pokemon are healed and ready as I enter the gym. I battle the two trainers and I reach Falkner. I run back to the Pokemon Centre for a quick heal and go back to battle. Falkner has a two Pokemon: a Pidgey at level 7 and a Pidgeotto at level 9. Good thing I went to Sprout Tower first, Cyndaquil is now at level 12 and has learned Ember. Pidgeotto might have been a little harder to beat without it, as Rocky’s level is too low. I win my first gym battle.


He gives me a Zephyr Badge and a TM called Mud-Slap. This badge allows me to use Flash outside of battle! So HMs can be used over and over again but TMs can only be used once, okay, I’ll remember that. I walk out of the gym and my game freezes yet again for a few seconds…its Professor Elm calling me! Oh no, I hope he doesn’t want me to walk all the way back to New Bark Town…oh phew, his assistant is in Violet City so I can meet him there. I go to the Pokemon Centre to heal and I see the assistant. I speak to him and he wants me to take the Pokemon Egg, so I say yes. I now have four spaces filled with Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Pidgey, Rocky and the Egg.


As I’m leaving Violet City I get a call from Bug Catcher Wade, he tells me that his Caterpie is looking great and that he nearly caught a Rattata…





Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed Part 2! Leave a comment below, and hang tight for Part 3!


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