Photo by Damian Smyth 2016.


My song of the summer! And yes that is a Love on the Weekend T-shirt from John Mayer’s official merch ๐Ÿ˜‰ I challenged myself with my editing skills and putย a layered recording together of this beautiful song. I love the effects he uses in this song and I wanted to do my best to replicate them, using my Digitech Polara Reverb and a Boss RV-3 Delay. The rhythm parts I recorded on the acoustic, and for the melodies I used my ’57 Strat. Would love to do more videos like this, I really enjoyed the whole process. Please let me know if you’d like more!


Who doesn’t love John Mayer right? You know I do…

This solo is from a track from his new album ‘The Search for Everything’, released in Wave One. I’ve had this album on repeat all summer, especially since finally getting to see him live in London in May (blog post coming soon about, that so keep an eye out!) This solo was a joy to learn, I love the way it was phrased and there are definitely some useful and simple licks to reuse. Also please excuse my silly little dance moves!


Having a little jam using DigiTech’s Polara Reverb Pedal, a lovely little pedal that is the most recent addition to my pedal board. The Halo setting is really beautiful and is a lot of fun to experiment with! A simple chord progression of Eadd9 (yes I used that chord again, last time for a while I promise!), G#m7, C#m7, and A, with a few embellishments of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also using my Fender ’57 Reissue Strat, which I think looks stunning always if I do say so myself! It’s the limited edition American Vintage in Candy Apple Red, one of my dream guitars as a young teen, so I’m a proud owner if you haven’t already noticed!


Surprise surprise, another acoustic video! Its no secret that I’m a massive John Mayer fan, and Queen of California is such a beautiful song. Born and Raised is one of my favourite albums of his, and this song was on repeat for me in the summer of 2014 when I traveled to America for the first time, California to be exact…I quite literally ‘headed out west with my headphones on!’

This particular exercise was in the August 2016ย issue of Guitar Techniques magazine, which I’m partial to picking up from time to time. I really loved this one, I hope it makes you smile ๐Ÿ™‚


This was a challenging one for me…but oh wow was it worth it in the end! Lari Basilio has quickly become one of my favourite players, and if you haven’t checked her out yet, you really should! You won’t be disappointed!

When I first heard this song, I knew I just had to learn it. It felt beyond my capabilities to me at the time but I really pushed myself. Lari did some tutorials on the main parts of this song on the guitar YouTube channel Cifra Club, so after learning those and slowing down the solos to try and get them note perfect by ear, I finally got the cover finished and recorded and I’m pretty proud of this one. And a few positive comments from Lari herself have done wonders for my confidence, I will no doubt be uploading more covers in the near future. Her licks and techniques are so soulful and creative, learning her songs are an absolute treat.


A Christmas video! I loved doing this for my favourite time of year…and of course it’s another fingerstyle video! You wouldn’t think I had seen Tommy Emmanuel in the National Concert Hall that year would you?! I enjoyed learning this version put together by Rynten Okazaki and and it has really helped me with my technique overall. And yes, that’s my dog ๐Ÿ˜›


I mean who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder right?! You can’t listen to him without losing the battle with yourself about whether you should dance or not, his music is undoubtedly amazing. I had been wanting to put a solo fingerstyle acoustic version of one of his songs together for a while, and this just kind of fell into place for me. This style of playing has to be one of my absolute favourites, to play and listen to. Picking out the melody of a pop song and finding some sweet sounding chords to play underneath, well that’s just heaven for me (a frustrating heaven too, mind you!)

And thank you to one of my heroes Tommy Emmanuel for that beautiful final chord, an E chord but instead reaching up to the F# on the D string with my little finger (Eadd9)…I cannot stop adding it into everything I play!


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